Pocket + Lapel Alex Set


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A two-for-one! Get your very own Pocket Alex to take around on adventures, and a Lapel Alex to take to fancy occasions, like the grocery store! El Human Alexis loved the grocery store, it’s one of those things he and I bonded over. We loved nothing more than to visit new-to-us grocery stores, so you know it was meant to be.

The Pocket Alex you will be getting will vary. It won’t match the original Pocket Alex (he now lives with a friend after his trek to Italy!), so you’ll get your very own special custom-painted paper travelling friend to take along on adventures. What he wears will be a surprise, but one thing is for sure: he’ll always be camera-ready!

If you are taking photos with him, please send them to info@upwindstudio.com! Give me some information about the location and I’ll post the photo up on the Pocket Alex Travels Instagram account. Let’s get this guy all around the world; El Human Alexis didn’t get a chance to do it, but we can get Pocket Alex to do it in his stead!